Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life with the Grands

Recently Granny and Papaw moved in with Mom.  I offered to help with shuttle service to doctor appointments and general errands, especially as they get settled into and learn a new area.  Here is just one of the adventures that has resulted:

The Doctor
Mom asked if I would go in with the Grands for the initial meeting with the new primary care physician.  As she put it, "since Papaw can't hear and Granny can't remember."  I wasn't sure that was entirely necessary...at first.  But just completing the new patient paperwork in the reception area proved to be an adventure.  One conversation went like this:

Granny: I filled out all the paperwork
Me:  (Looking it over) - Granny, you missed the part about current ailments.
Granny:  I did not. I read over it.
Me: But you didn't check the box for high cholesterol.  You have high cholesterol.
Granny: I do not!  I take medicine so it isn't high!

And then later, after the doctor comes in, I asked Granny if it was noted in her charts that she has issues with sodium levels.  She tells me, "No, I don't tell doctors about that!".  Of course, the doctor has perked up and starts asking questions about this.  As we are discussing that Granny has passed out when sodium levels drop, she is adamantly denying this fact while Papaw is ranting about how even the Indians in Ohio and Michigan knew you needed salt in your diet and would trade flint for salt.  

And thus began my new journey with the Grands.